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We worry that our luggage might go missing on holiday or that our car may be stolen, so we take out insurance to protect against the financial impact of these things happening. But few people insure what's really important to them - their lifestyle and their family.

Life Cover

Critical Illness

Income Protection

Buildings & Contents


Is it because we don't want to think about death and illness, or it just isn't a priority?

  • Could you or your family cope without your income?
  • What impact would losing your employment have?
  • How would long term illness impact your lifestyle?

Why not speak to one of our qualified advisors about an affordable solution that will make a world of difference to your family if the unthinkable happened?

For Life cover, Critical illness and income protection insurance we provide products from a selected panel of providers.



  1. Years
  2. %
  3. Repayment £ 
  4. Interest only £ 
  5. Repayment at 7% £ 
  6. Interest only at 7% £ 

This calculator has been designed purely as a guide and cannot be guaranteed.
It does do not represent a quotation of what you might receive.